Fully adjustable steering wheel with neck tilt

Volvo Dynamic Steering

Steering. Turning. Constantly adjusting. The movements are relatively small, but the repetitive effects have a big impact on the body. Necks, backs and shoulders take the brunt. Or they did. With Volvo Dynamic Steering, you can turn the wheel with one finger – reducing body fatigue by up to 85%.

Volvo Dynamic Steering
The I-Shift selector


Simple, reliable and super efficient, I-Shift has transformed trucking. There’s no heavy clutch, no lever to pull and every gear change is perfectly timed. It also saves up to 5% fuel.

Switch up to I-Shift
The Work Remote unit

Driver-friendly loading

Electronically Controlled Suspension makes loading quicker, easier and safer. It remembers the heights of different loading bays. It keeps the chassis steady. The truck perfectly balanced. And it also comes with a glove-friendly remote control - so you can manage everything from the cab, or while you’re walking around the truck.

Volvo FH Globetrotter cab, Oriental style

The perfect environment – to work and rest

The new cab has more height. An additional cubic metre of space. And a host of innovative technologies, like I-Park Cool, that make your hours off the clock as quiet and comfortable as those on it.

Volvo FH driver’s compartment

Dynafleet – maximise your productivity

Locations, loads and levels. Driver times. Emission reports. Fuel consumption. Dynafleet gives you real time data on every truck you own – helping you maximise productivity and make more profitable decisions.

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