The Volvo FH has secured your profitability since 1993. That’s just the start

Ever since its launch twenty-five years ago, the Volvo FH has set new standards in trucking. Not the least when it comes to productivity and profitability for your business. To celebrate this, you all get a gift—a promise that the Volvo FH will keep driving progress. This means an even more outstanding uptime, new and groundbreaking safety thinking and solutions that speed up the race towards zero emissions.

A driver’s dream from day one. That will never change

Drivers are the real heroes of trucking. And, the Volvo FH has always been designed to give them safe, ergonomic and comfortable workplaces. We know that our innovations have changed drivers’ everyday lives to the better and there’s more to come. Because, while we’ll keep improving trucking, one thing will always remain the same — the Volvo FH is a driver’s dream.

A driver in his Volvo FH

How Volvo FH became the drivers choice

Volvo FH has been the drivers’ choice for 25 years. That was the goal from the start. And by always focusing on the drivers’ perspective through every upgrade, the result is a truck that is so much more than a workplace. It’s a way of life.

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Older looking photo from factory

The Story behind Volvo FH

Innovation never stops. In 1993 the roads were forever changed with the launch of the Volvo FH. 25 years later the Volvo FH is still pushing the frontiers of trucking. But before the success there was a lot of hard work and tough decisions.

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Volvo FH in dry landscape

25 places Volvo FH can call home

Volvo FH performs best in one place: The Earth. Rain and winds or sun and drought. Busy roads or the great wide open. Look at these 25 places and how Volvo FH solves the challenges.

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The Volvo FH in its red launch colour

25 times the Volvo FH innovated the world

The Volvo FH was innovative 25 years ago when introduced—it’s just as innovative today. Take a look at these pictures that show 25 times when the Volvo FH took a leap forward.

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A family photo of tranport company Nordspedition

Creating a family legacy – with the help of Volvo FH

In northern Germany Nord-Spedition finds success with Volvo FH. Watch how this family business embraces transport as a way of life.

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Drivers love Volvo FH

Drivers love Volvo FH – and Volvo FH loves drivers

Volvo Trucks cares about the drivers. And the drivers love Volvo FH. Watch Brazilian driver Guilherme’s extraordinary wedding.

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A Volvo FH in Icelandic landscape

Volvo FH helps heating up Iceland

A geothermal project that ensures heating. Volvo FH gets the job done with transportation and installation of new pipelines.

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Volvo FH innovations

This is How Volvo FH keeps evolving

In 2018 the Volvo FH celebrates its first 25 years of success. To keep driving progress you have to always be ahead of the competition. Here are some examples of how Volvo Trucks keeps driving progress.

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